Laureate 2017: Domenico Lucano (Riace/Italy)

Domenico Lucano

On an early morning in July 1998, a sailing ship with 250 Kurdish refugees landed on the beach of the little Calabrian village Riace. Domenico Lucano, back then a chemistry teacher, was one of those who took care of the exhausted people immediately. And he had an idea: Why not save each other?
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Press release

Domenico Lucano (Italy) will be honoured with the awarding of the 8th International Dresden Peace Prize “Dresden-Preis” on 12th February 2017. By establishing the “Village of Welcome” the major of Riace created a unique project of togetherness between Italians and refugees.
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Martin Roth
Laudatory speaker

Prof. Dr. Martin Roth will deliver the laudatory speech for the award winner. He directed the Victoria & Albert Museum in London from 2011 to 2016. Previously, he was director general of the Dresden State Art Collections. Roth is actively engaged in the initiative „Eine offene Gesellschaft“ (“An open society”).

Sitzplan Semperoper

Tickets at a price of 10 Euro (pupils / students reduced 5 Euro) are available at the visitors service of the Semperoper.
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E-Mail: bestellung@semperoper.de

Etta Scollo

Critics celebrate Etta Scollo as the voice of Sicily. Indeed, she has an incredible voice: raw and soft, powerful and tender. “Incomparable” is the word most people use to describe it. At the awards ceremony she is going to perform several own songs on the issue of refugees.

Seefeuer Film

Throughout the awarding ceremony in the opera house scenes from the film “Sea Fire“, by Italian director Gianfranco Rossi, about Lampedusa and the refugee crisis will be shown.


The Dresden Peace Prize is a joint event organized by Friends of Dresden Germany and the Semperoper. Since right from the beginning, the awards ceremony has been taking place at this symbolic site. In February 1945, the opera was almost entirely destroyed and eventually rebuilt.
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Gerhart Baum

Former Federal Minister of the Interior Gerhart Baum (FDP) is highly esteemed across all party boundaries as a tireless and pugnacious fighter for human rights. He, who witnessed the bombing on Dresden as a twelve year old, moderates the awards ceremony for the seventh time already.