Film by Steven Spielberg-Film about the Ellsberg Story

Steven Spielberg made a film about the release of the Pentagon Papers. In 1971, Daniel Ellsberg wrote history as he was disclosing the top secret files. He risked his freedom and his career when he was publishing inaccuracies in the official information policy about the Vietnam war. Daniel Ellsberg was awarded the 7th Dresden Prize for his courage that was and still is a role model for younger whistleblowers.

The „Washingtpon Post“ played a crucial role when it continued publishing the controversial content notwithstanding a ban. Spielbergs film „The Post“ will be starring Tom Hanks as former editor-in-chief of the „Washington Post“, Meryl Streep as editor, and Zach Woods as Daniel Ellsberg.  The film is due to premiere on December 22nd, 2017, and will be showing in German cinemas starting at the beginning of 2018.

Two other movies, „The most dangerous man in America“ (2009) and „The Pentagon papers“ (2003), already cope with the issue.

When the Dresden Prize was awarded to Daniel Ellsberg in the Semperoper in February 2016, Edward Snowden delivered the honorific speech upon his role model via skype. He stated: „I do not believe in heroes, but I believe in Daniel Ellsberg. And I always will.“