Sponsors of the Dresden Peace Prize

James Nachtwey, laureate 2012

Sponsors of the Dresden Peace Prize

Klaus Tschira Foundation is the main sponsor of the Dresden Peace Prize

The Klaus Tschira Foundation promotes natural sciences, mathematics and programming and esteem for those subjects. In 1995, the KTS was established by physicist and SAP-cofounder Klaus Tschira (1940 – 2015).

Its nationwide dedication already starts in kindergarten and continues in schools, universities and research institutions. The foundation advocates new methods of transferring scientific content. It supports both development and comprehensible representation of research results.

The Klaus Tschira Foundation is dedicated to support Nobel laureate for medicine Günter Blobel’s initiative.

Approaching conflicts and fighting valiantly for peace – this is what the laureates of the Dresden Peace Prize represent.

Beate Spiegel, director of the Klaus Tschira Foundation
Beate Spiegel, Muzoon Almellehan, Prof. Dr. Carsten Könneker
Friends of Dresden New York Inc.

Right from the beginning, the Dresden Peace Prize has been supported by New York-based organisation Friends of Dresden Inc., founded by Nobel laureate Günter Blobel. He, who in 1999 donated his prize money for the rebuilding of Dresden’s Frauenkirche was a co-initiator of the Dresden Peace Prize. Blobel moderated the first award ceremony to Michail Gorbachev in 2010. Then, amongst other things, he said: “Courage is what we wish for from politicians, but get from very few.” Also, it was him who, regarding the selection process of the laureates, encouraged the idea to put special emphasis on their preventive approaches.

“The Dresden Peace Prize particularly honours services for the
prevention of violence, war and injustice.
The preventive aspect is especially important to me. We have to do something – by setting an example – that actually prevents instead of just poorly trying to heal after disaster.”

Günter Blobel
von Ardenne

Also, the von Ardenne family (Dresden) is amongst the supporters of the Dresden Peace Prize.